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All of us needs someone to be with us in our difficult situations. We need someone to understand us everytime we feel bad or loney at some time. It isn’t easy to live alone nor be around with fake ones; still it doesn’t help you. Life is hard especially when you only have yourself to fight. It’s sad when the people you expect to help you won’t be there for you. I always told myself that I should be strong, but sometimes, the lonely nights strikes me.


Every day I focus myself on working perhaps to forget about problems and everything. I thought in that way I can escape the loneliness. I knew that this life of mine is no happiness, after all, I have been through I don’t see any reasons to be happy again. Joy makes the life worth living, it’s also the reason why we still keep going on. Life may never be easy, but if you are loved and happy, it eases the pain. But unfortunately, not all people experience the same thing, it is worst to some. It’s beautiful to get home when you have a family that greets you, you have a wife to care and children to make your life more exciting. The family is one of the most important treasures we have in life; we are lucky if we have a family that supports and cares for us, no matter what happened in our life.


Aside from criminals, nor sudden accidents, one of the most dangerous causes of death is loneliness. Loneliness leads to depression if you don’t find a cure to it, one day you’ll think of committing suicide. About 70 % of the population committed suicide as their solution to loneliness. They feel like they don’t feel the same pain again. Being lonely is sad, at the end of the day you go home alone, looking at the four corners of your room. You think of how unfortunate and sad you are in life; you cry for no reasons at all. You start to hate yourself, curse the people that made you a mistake, and to the point that you just want to end your life.


Many people went to psychiatrists to treat their loneliness, its like you need a piece of advice of what you must do. Some people develop trust issues, maybe that is why they own everything they had in mind and heart. For them, it’s better to stay away with people than being judged, or betrayed. These people might have a bad experience and they learned from it. They are afraid to try again, to be happy and live freely.


As for a thirty-five years old man, loneliness becomes the hard battle for him. His name is John Mckinly, living in Berkshire London for all of his life. His family abandoned him when he was fifteen years old. At a young age, he starts to self-supporting, he looks for work and feeds himself. He had anger to his parents, they separated and married again. Both of their new families don’t accept him. He tried to convince his mom to stay with her, but she refused. His mom ignores him, and never see him again. The same with his dad, sometimes his dad and his new family eat in the restaurant he used to work, it feels like he doesn’t know John. John sees how his dad took care of his new family, his children which he never had. Every day, John hurt himself to feel better, it’s his way to forget how horrible his life is. Until a man adopted him, and because of his hard work, and patience, the man gave him a better life. Even though he is in good hands for years, he still can’t escape the loneliness he felt. He is still single at that time John, and I meet. So, I told him about Berkshire escorts. Berkshire escorts are great ladies to men who feel bored and lonely at night. Being with Berkshire escorts makes you feel better, and gave you happiness. When John books a Berkshire escorts I can see to him that he slowly changed. He told me that Berkshire escorts help him emotionally, and  the best companions for those lonely nights